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Town and Country glazed earthenware cruet set, 1946
Town and Country glazed earthenware cruet set, 1946

Members of the Eva Zeisel Forum may select four past issues of the Eva Zeisel Times. The newsletter contains information and articles of value to all those interested in Zeisel's nine decades of work from her early work in the l920s to recent issues of designs. Members also receive periodic email about Eva and club events. Click here for details on the first fifteen issues.

Members may also purchase the book Eva Zeisel: Designer for Industry. Out of print since 1984, the book contains an essay by Martin Eidelberg about Eva's contributions to the field of ceramic design, and an essay by Zeisel on her experience and philosophy as a designer and ceramist. Contains numerous plates of her designs in both B/W and color, plus an extensive bibliography, citations, and illustrations of marks. Our copies, which are very limited in number, are in mint condition, still in the wrapper. (These books are selling for over $200 on the internet.) Included with the book is a reprint of the April 13, 1987 New Yorker Profile of Zeisel, "The Present Moment" by Suzannah Lessard. Together these publications are the most complete biography of Zeisel available to date. $175.00 to members of the Eva Zeisel Forum.

Also available to members is a very special limited edition Zeisel medallion. During Zeisel's Russian imprisonment (see "Who is Eva Zeisel") another hero of the Stalinist era, her friend and colleague, the famed chief sculptor of the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, Natalia Dan'ko (pronounced donCOE) was creating a series of bas-relief medallions of friends and colleagues from the intellectual and artistic circles of Moscow and St. Petersburg who had been caught in the cycle of betrayal, trials, and murders, and whom she wanted to commemorate, expecting that they would not survive this nightmare time. All of the medallions were hidden, for to be caught with them would mean that their creator would in turn be condemned. Natalya Dan'ko died of starvation in 1942 during the siege of Leningrad, at about the time that Eva Zeisel was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art and Castleton China to create Museum dinnerware.

Zeisel Medalion Image
Zeisel Medallion by Dank'ko, 2.5" diameter, bisque white

Can be purchased for $60.00 plus $5.20 for shipping.

In the early 1990's, during the glasnost period, the charges against Stricker were legally overturned and she was declared "rehabilitated." Later in that decade, during the time of the rebuilding at the Lomonosov Factory in St. Petersburg, the medallion of Eva Stricker was taken from hiding, and plans were made to present it to the person who, they had recently discovered, had re-emerged as the world-famous Eva Zeisel. In April 2000, a delegation of 11 designers and artists from Lomonosov traveled to New York and presented Eva with the medallion which Natalya had made for her. After 60 years, Eva held in her hands the tribute from her friend. Medallion in presentation case - $60.00 plus $5.20 SHI

Hallcraft Tomorrow's Classic black satin coffee pot

A special benefit to members of The Eva Zeisel forum will be a verification service for questioned items. Any member may send a picture or forward an auction to us if they are not sure about a pattern name, a manufacturer, or if they are concerned about a possible "no cigar." We will give our best opinion based on our research and the expertise of specialists in the field.

Another benefit to members is that their Zeisel related web sites may be listed on our links page, so that those interested in Zeisel's works will be aware of your availability and expertise.

A further benefit is membership in the Eva Zeisel conversation board. Members may exchange information, list "wants" and "for sales," keep up to date with Zeisel-related information, and converse with other members by joining this group. Information on how to sign on to the group is sent to each new member.

See the membership application for a more complete listing of membership benefits.


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